Hiring covid-19 test collectors

Hiring Door to Door Representative
for our Energy Program

You will be in charge of providing safe, real, accurate results for public health and safety. By giving access to free testing we can help combat covid 19 and help stop the spread.

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We are seeking qualified door to door representatives in the Cleveland area to offer unprecedented savings and full service 24/7 green sourced energy to the public.

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Emerald ambassadors strives to provide services for our community through various social services. Throughout the country, we offer voters the opportunity to vote on important issues in their community.

  • Political signature drive
  • Energy Conversion
  • Covid Testing
  • Money Finding
  • Direct Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Insurance and Medicare Enrollment

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Get your HIPAA certificate online this is a requirement that is easy, must be able to upload certificate for verification.


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A quick demonstration that will give you a visualization of the process while answering many common questions this will allow you to be confident and prepared.


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Covid 19 Volunteers Training

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